Save yourself up to $50,000. Property Management with a 6 month money back guarantee on service Sydney-wide!  

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Why pay for property managers that can't guarantee their service?  

How can property management really save you up to $50,000 on your property? Here's a sneak peak...

Proper communication with your Property Manager: Priceless

The number one complaint in property management is poor communication. It leads to stress, confusion, broken tenant relationships and it is expensive...

Depreciation: $4,000-$15,000 a year

Most property investors fail to take advantage of depreciation. Most property managers don't care about making this easier for you! 

Finding a Tenant promptly: save 3 to 4 weeks rent

Landlords don't become wealthy by having vacant properties. We have a strategy in place to cut down time on market and save. 

How we helped Sara save more than $2,000 by finding a tenant in one week

Her property was in a marketplace with vacancies up to 2 months. We leased her property during the first inspection. 

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Give your risk and worry to us

Hey there! I'm Joe. 

My family has built a portfolio developing and investing in property in Sydney for three generations

That's why I believe property management should not be paid for unless it increases your return. 

Our system of Contemporary Property Management can save you up to $50,000

We're so confident in these results and service, that we'll take all the risk off you with a 6 month money back guarantee on all our fees.  

Getting started has never been so simple:

I already have a tenant

We can handle the entire handover process from your previous agent. Start a service that saves you money rather than one that just collects rent.

I need a tenant

We'll talk you through our strategy for having your property leased in the first week. 

I don't have an investment property yet

We'll give you access to Sydney Listings Academy and consult you on finding a property that will rent well in any market. 


I witnessed that leading developers trust this firm with their business because they are able to offer comprehensive management services that go beyond traditional property management needs. You can expect them to be able to handle everything for you.  

I wish Joe and his team best of luck in their continuous improvement journey... I will be standing at the side lines witnessing you to grow and grow and become amazingly successful at what you do.  

Thanks heaps.  

Rizwan Khan


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